It’s all a
matter of perspective.

We think about pharmacy benefits differently. For decades, it has been a widely held view in the industry that the only way to reduce drug costs for consumers is to limit their choices.

We say there’s a better way.

At PHG, we have brought together industry veterans — clinical, financial, operations, and benefits experts — with a breadth of experience and a shared vision of a future in which prescription benefits are better, simpler, flexible, and affordable.

We are uniquely able to do this because of our close working relationships with dozens of pharmaceutical companies and other industry partners, and by thinking differently about pharmacy benefits.

What does all of this mean for our clients and consumers? Lower costs, greater choice, and more competition in the marketplace.

And while we are recognized for our exceptional ability to help clients fine-tune formularies, we are focused on something greater — a formula for better healthcare.

Unlike others in the industry, we scan across manufacturers and industry partners to identify the lowest cost for any given formulary, therapeutic class, or drug, based on the individual needs of our clients.